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About us

About us
The Medical University of Warsaw (MUW) is one of the oldest medical schools in Poland. For over 200 years it has provided education and training in medicine and pharmacy at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. MUW's programs meet the highest international standards of university-level education and are based on the principles of good clinical and pharmaceutical practice.

The academic staff of the Medical University of Warsaw are recognized nationally and internationally for their contributions to the research and practice in medicine. Many of them hold the prestigious posts of National Medical Consultants.

The Medical University of Warsaw provides general and specialty training at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Students learn at our six clinical teaching hospitals who provide general and tertiary medical care to patients. Our students and staff also conduct scientific and clinical research at these hospitals as well as are involved in a number of clinical academic departments located in other hospitals in Warsaw.  

MUW offers 19 degree programs including 3 full-time degree programs in English: Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy.
The Medical University of Warsaw:

  • has an international dimension based on its international educational standards and the exchange of scientific thought among higher education and research institutions,
  • invests in the development of its research infrastructure and continues to expand its facilities. The latest projects include the Library and Information Centre, the Centre for Preclinical Research, the Pediatric Hospital and the Rehabilitation and Sports Centre - the most modern facility of its kind in Poland. The construction of a modern University Center of Dentistry began in September 2017. Dental care will be offered to patients by 2019. The Medical University of Warsaw also plans to build an Institute of Psychiatry. 
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