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Medical University of Warsaw Researcher Received Title of Honorary Professor from the Senate of Corvinus University in Budapest

On 27 November, Dominik Golicki, Ph.D., from the Faculty and Department of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology, received the title of Honorary Professor from Prof. Erzsebet Kovacs, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Corvinus University in Budapest.  On this occasion, Dr. Golicki gave a lecture on “Health status assessment for health economic evaluations: opportunities and challenges in Central and Eastern European countries”.

 The ceremony was attended by Prof. Laszlo Gulacsi, Vice-Rector of Corvinus University; Prof. Marta Pentek from the Department of Health Economics and Deputy Head of the Embassy of Poland in Budapest, Ms. Małgorzata Radwan-Vass. 

Dr. Golicki has been doing scientific research with the Department of Health Economics of Corvinus University for several years now.  The joint research examines different methods of assessing health preferences which are used in pharmacoeconomics and HTA (health technology assessment). 

Bestowed with the title of Honorary Professor, Dr. Golicki is recognized by Corvinus University alongside health economist Prof. Werner Brouwer from Erasmus University in Rotterdam; Prof. Niek Klazinga from Academisch Medisch Centrum Universiteit in Amsterdam; and Prof. Milena Pavlova from Maastricht University.


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