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MUW PhD Student receives Best Poster Award at ELCC 2019

Agata Raniszewska, MA, a PhD student at the Department and Chair of Pathology at MUW was a Poster Presenter at the European Lung Cancer Congress (ELCC 2019). Her poster presentation on "Characterization and the role of PD-L1 positive lung cancer stem cells in lymph nodes metastasis" received the Best Poster Award in the "Metastases to and from lung" category. 

This is a great achievement as ELCC is the point of reference in the field of thoracic malignancies. Since its inaugural edition in 2008, it has secured its status as the premier meeting for professionals in the field. This year’s congress took place in Geneva April 10-13.  

Ms. Raniszewska conducted research for her winning poster presentation under the supervision of prof. Joanna Domagała-Kulawik from the Department of Pathology. Ms. Raniszewska also carried out tests with the help and support of the Military Institute of Medicine’s Internal Diseases, Pulmonary and Allergy Clinic and Clinical Hematology Laboratory and Flow Cytometry.

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